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In a continually changing industry such as health care, finding the time to address important staffing issues can be challenging. WA-Medical and Government Services (WA) understands the need to streamline costs and increase staffing efficiency.

WA is a staffing agency dedicated solely to servicing the employment needs of the medical community by providing experienced temporary and permanent personnel. We supply competent and experienced administrative, technical, and clinical personnel to hospitals, laboratories, HMO's, long-term care facilities, clinics, health care consultants, and individual and multi-doctor practices. Our recruiting and screening process ensures you get the qualified medical professionals you need.

We allow you to attend to your patients' personal needs while we attend to your staffing needs. WA will save you time and money by handling the advertising, recruiting, interviewing, screening, reference checking, and credentialing aspects of the hiring process.

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WA-Medical and Government Services
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