About WA-Medical Services

WA-Medical Services is a full service Human Resource Management agency. Our philosophy is to provide our clients and employees with outstanding, individualized service every time. Founded in 1993, WA-Medical Services has grown into nationwide management organization.

The strength of WA-Medical Services lies within its organization; every staff member is dedicated to providing incomparable service to our clients and our employees. It is the mission of WA-Medical Services to provide our clients with certified professionals, superior service and to respect our applicants with individual attention and valued employment.

WA can supplement your staffing needs during census fluctuations, openings of new units, or hard-to-fill scheduling situations. We strive to become part of the overall integrated staffing model for hospitals and health care facilities.

What sets WA apart is our passion to serve the needs of our clients, as well as our candidates and staff, who form the core of our business. Through these relationships, we make a difference by creating and defining opportunity through the world of health care staffing.

We are committed to providing superior service delivered by our friendly and dedicated staff

WA-Medical and Government Services
  168 W. Ridge Pike Suite 101B
  Limerick, PA 19468
  Phone: 610-489-1701
  Fax: 610-489-1704


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